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Cinderella Ate My Daughter

The trouble with the book is I talked to people about it. I really should have read to first. Everyone had an opinion. Some defensive, some belittling, some curious.

Overall, it was a fun read. I struggled a bit with the “research” as much of what she references is personal experience or hearsay. But my biggest beef is the lack of ideas of what to do about this problem. Every chapter seems to end with what can be summed up as: that sucks, but what can we do?

That said, I enjoyed it for what it was: an affirmation of my concerns about raising my girls in this world where their choice of favourite colours are pink, pink, or shades of pink.


Review: One to Ten and Back Again

I love it when our local library rhyme-time introduces me to a book I’m not familiar with. Especially a fun one like One to Ten and Back Again by Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt.


Not just a simple counting book, it is really a lovely story looking at the friendship between a boy and girl. My almost 2 year old loved it, especially reviewing all the things we counted on the last page.

I’m familiar with Nick Sharratt from Shark in the Park and the illustrations here are done in the same fun simple style.

I’m not immediately adding this one to my collection but we’ll definitely borrowed it from the library now and then.

Attention to detail

I hate it when I don’t pay attention and order a US edition of a book that has different words than I’m used to.

I’d borrowed A Bit Lost from the library recently and both C and I enjoyed it so I figured I’d buy a copy. For whatever reason, the hardback edition was only available under the title Little Owl Lost which should have been a give away that it wasn’t the UK edition. But I didn’t think about the wording changes! Now it’s nothing major (Mommy instead of Mummy and cookie instead of biscuit) but it still irks me.

Of course, irony is that it doesn’t bother me because it uses US English, since I have plenty of books like this, but rather it bothers me because it is different than the edition I am familiar with. I had the same thing happen with Charles Fuge’s I Know a Rhino, except in that case I prefer the US English because that’s the version I read first.

So, lesson learned? Apparently I neither pay attention to detail nor adapt well to change. At least when it comes to picture books. Sigh.