2017 – Year for Feminism

Immersion in feminism in 2017

Woman-power emblem

I’m probably not the only one feeling like 2017 is the year to re-embrace feminism. Not that I’ve ever abandoned it, but I haven’t been actively reading and immersing myself in feminist culture probably since I was a teenager. But with the political situation in the USA, it feels like the right time to¬†engage again with this material and question even further the world around me.

I’ve put together a reading list to get me started. Maybe listening (music and podcasts) and watching (films, tv shows and speeches) lists will follow but that’ll take a bit more research and it looks like I’ll be busy reading for awhile!

Feminist Reading List

This is a personal list of what I want to read (or reread) and I am sure there are more extensive and more focused lists out there. This list is just a a mix, in no particular order, of fiction and non-fiction that I am going to try to read in the next 11 months (quite a challenge seeing as in the past 5 years of motherhood I’ve probably only managed to get through a handful of books).

Over the past year there have been so many books added to my reading lists… here are just a few of the places where the books on this list came from:

What would be on your list?


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