Sleepytime songs

Tonight as I was putting the girls to bed, miss-almost-four asked me to sing the song I used to sing when she was just a little baby. This got me thinking about how our bedtime song routine has changed over the years and how I’ve come up with some really good combinations of songs to sing them to sleep.

Now if I actually had any talent I might video myself and put up YouTube clips, instead, I’ll just make a list (and you’ll have to make up your own tune for the ones that I’ve invented).

Bedtime songs
– Au Clair De La Lune
– Frere Jacques
– Hush Little Baby (momma’s going to buy you a mockingbird)
– Another Day Has Passed (this was a song I found in the brilliant book by Jane Cobb, What’ll I do with the Babyo, and she didn’t have the music in there so I’ve made up my own tune)
– Twinkle twinkle little star (we do this science version at night:
– La La Lou (from the movie Lady & the Tramp)
– Time For Bed (actually a picture book by Mem Fox that I’ve turned into a song)

What’s your favourite bedtime song?


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