The under-appreciated Leek

Every year it seems there is another trendy food: like coriander/cilantro, tarragon, pomegranate, coconut anything, etc. I’d like to nominate the humble leek. Lately I’ve found that many of our favourite recipes contain leeks and if I leave it out, the meal is bland.

I make a mean creamy chicken mushroom casserole that is flavoured with tarragon and mustard but it is the leek that really nails it to make this one of our faves. Leeks can be added to pretty much any soup (butternut pumpkin with leek is a personal favourite). I love this chicken pot pie recipe, with leek of course. And of course a straight leek soup is heavenly.

But tonight I tried a new recipe where I was surprised to find leek: Moroccan Lamb Eggplant Stew. Now I haven’t tried this recipe without the leek – but it was so good as is that I don’t this I’ll mess with it! I served it with couscous and we both loved it so much that we polished our plates before I had a chance to think about taking a photo. I don’t think miss 2 will be as big a fan as the adults are – a bit too spicy for her your taste buds, but we’ll try tomorrow anyways.

What’s your favourite leek recipe?


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