Modified Jamie’s 15 min gorgeous greek chicken couscous chicken

When my second baby was born I received the Jamie Oliver cookbook 15 Minute Meals, five and a half moths later I’ve finally had a chance to try one of the recipes.

I made a few changes to the recipe to make it easier (because Jamie’s 15 min is more like 60 for me) and to suit my tastes. It worked out so well and the whole family were fans so we’ll definitely be trying this again and others in the book.

Earlier in the day I marinated 2 chicken breast with the juice of 2 lemons, oregano, allspice, olive oil.

At dinner time, while the chicken was on the BBQ, I chopped up a couple of capsicum (red and green peppers), a small chili, and some spring onions.

I didn’t want to think about flavouring the Couscous so I bought a package of seasoned feta cheese instead of dealing with herb choices. Lazy, I know, but the book’s version of this recipe called for dill and I’m not a huge fan.

Mixed together: couscous, chopped veggies, cooked frozen peas, feta, and chopped BBQ chicken. Topped with store bough tzatziki (seriously Jamie, if I’m going to try and make a meal in 15 min I’m not going to make my own tzatziki!)

If only is remembered to take pics before we ate it. Next time…


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