Attention to detail

I hate it when I don’t pay attention and order a US edition of a book that has different words than I’m used to.

I’d borrowed A Bit Lost from the library recently and both C and I enjoyed it so I figured I’d buy a copy. For whatever reason, the hardback edition was only available under the title Little Owl Lost which should have been a give away that it wasn’t the UK edition. But I didn’t think about the wording changes! Now it’s nothing major (Mommy instead of Mummy and cookie instead of biscuit) but it still irks me.

Of course, irony is that it doesn’t bother me because it uses US English, since I have plenty of books like this, but rather it bothers me because it is different than the edition I am familiar with. I had the same thing happen with Charles Fuge’s I Know a Rhino, except in that case I prefer the US English because that’s the version I read first.

So, lesson learned? Apparently I neither pay attention to detail nor adapt well to change. At least when it comes to picture books. Sigh.


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