Review: Knuffle Bunny Series by Mo Willems

It was a few years ago when I read my first Knuffle bunny book, and I didn’t get it at the time. But I didn’t have kids yet either.

Last year we got the first Knuffle Bunny book for C (then 16 months) and we’ve all been huge fans of it since. The premise is simple, the illustrations a brilliant combination of photographs and cartoon drawing, and the message was bang on for her age. A child’s beloved toy is lost and she is unable to communicate what is wrong, causing frustration both for her and her parent. Anyone with a preverbal toddler knows that frustration!

Since we loved the first so much I thought I’d get Knuffle Bunny Too and Free to have on the shelves for when the girls are ready.

Knuffle Bunny Too follows a similar storyline to the first, just for a slightly older audience. I think this could be pulled off the shelf and enjoyed right away. C does like series of books so I’m sure she’ll appreciate the follow up to the first book.

Knuffle Bunny Free made me cry. The girl in the story has grown up so much and I can’t help but think about how quickly my own are growing up. My girls are still far to young to appreciate what is happening in this story so it’ll stay shelved for a few years yet. But I may sneak it down every now and then simply to enjoy the poignant end to the Knuffle Bunny trilogy myself. Although the girl featured in this book is older, I think this book will be good for around age 5. When starting school and needing to learn about leaving your baby toys behind and growing up.

Overall, each one of these stories can stand on their own but as a set they are brilliant and I’d recommend to anyone whose child has a prized toy/possession that they’d be lost without.



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