Blogging in the twitter era

So here is the thing… I didn’t have a blog before I started on twitter.  Sacrilege, I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. With the constant flurry of information streaming past me in twitter I wonder what of value I have to contribute to the twitterverse, let alone the blogosphere.

So why blog at all?  If I can use twitter to contribute whatever small amount I have to add to the conversation why do I need my own blog?

In my time back at school doing my MLIS, one thing I’ve discovered is that I dislike writing. Because I want what I say to have value. I can’t just sit down in front of a keyboard and spew out garbage (well, I can if I’m desperate, but I try not to). So a huge value for me being back at school is that it has forced me to sit down and compile my thoughts into reasonably coherent arguments. Not only has this provide me with something to hand in for my assignments but it has also helped me to realize what areas of my discipline I’m really interested in.

So if writing helps me to figure out what I’m passionate about and provides direction in my studies, shouldn’t I be striving to continue this practice?

Hence, the need for this blog. To extend the practice of writing about my thoughts and ideas beyond the classroom walls. And that is really something I can’t do justice to in 140 character segments.


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