In the beginning

Having finished my first week back at school I figured it is fitting that I finally take the plunge and write something in this blog I started awhile back. Seems kind of silly because it isn’t published and I haven’t linked to it from anywhere. Exercise in writing I suppose.

The trouble I have with blogs and forums is that I feel like I should have something really important to say before making a post. Two of my classes have 10% of the grade allocated to the participation in the online discussion groups. I probably just need to warm up to the group because normally I have no problem giving my opinion.

Could be I’m intimidated by the language. I don’t have an arts/social science background and I’ve spent the last 7 years working in a corporate environment where I’ve been trying to ‘dumb things down’. Or maybe my vocabulary really just isn’t all that expansive and I’m embarrassed to misunderstand someone and say the wrong thing.

What is it about a new set of peers that always brings out the ridiculously self-conscious side of me?


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